The Beast


building area

24,500 sqm



Nanjing, China




The Beast, Nanjing plays on the narrative of the ‘Beast’ and the ancient Persian addaption of the ‘Hanging Gardens’. These two beautiful ingredients combine a space that creates a silhouetted and floral array of colour provided by the ‘Beast’ products of Flowers, Delicious Coffee and selected Home accessories.

The space is screened by walls which are fabricated of steel rods and frameworks. This allows people to see a layering effect that hosts the ‘Shop’. Flowers are used as part of the layer by hanging the differing varieties of flower from the structure itself. 

The structure aims to be a part of nature like a ‘trunk’ of a weeping willow allowing the bloosom to hang effortlessly.

A ‘climbing’ vertical floral screen structure folds upwards through the void of the Nanjing Shopping Centre to enhance the space of the building a bring a freshness and invigorating colour to inspire and refresh the Public in this building.

This vertical screen acts as a ‘Way Finding’ instrument for the Public. It creates this ‘Hanging Garden’ of colour that orientates people. It is unique in it’s form and beauty which make it distinctevely identiable from the other additonal retail units and sculptures in the building.

‘The Beast’ brings a welcome ‘coffee break’ to shopping and people working in the building and provides a function and product that the Public can buy a gift or a bouquet of Flowers for a relative or loved one.

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. ~ John Ruskin

the beast .jpg