Hangzhou Golden Elephant Marina Development LTD.


building area

73,000 sqm



Qiandaohu, China



on hold

The threshold that can emerge between the natural environments of lake and mountain are both magical and spiritual.

In Chinese culture these are signifi cant symbols of both health and well-being. To work with nature in the conceptual

birth of this design we have focused on the ripple that gently ‘washes up’ on the shore edge. It is both calm and contemplative in moment for human kind.

The ‘Ripple’ is realised in the form of 5 sinuous shell roof forms that perform at many functional levels including: Shade, Shelter, panoramic views internally, natural ventilation and roof garden spaces in the creation of ‘terraces’.

The internal accommodation space is celebrated with these spectacular roof spaces and views to the nature that surrounds and harmoniously connects with the building. This is a building that is ‘as one with nature’.

The form generates a natural form that is highly sustainable. It harnesses the gentle ‘Lake’ breezes and cools the building from hot summer months.

yacht club.jpg